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Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max now available on all platforms

Fire-snorting unicorns arrive a day late on PC

You could easily assume Ubisoft was kidding around when they briefly showed Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max at E3 2015. It's hard to take a trailer seriously when it features a gun-touting cat astride a fire-snorting unicorn. But Awesome Level Max is as real as it is bombastic, and it is now available on all platforms. The PS4 and Xbox One versions arrived yesterday, July 14, but the PC version only released today. 

Ostensible insanity aside, Awesome Level Max introduces 30 new tracks, the iconic unicorn bike and cat rider as well as five other cosmetic options, and dozens of new editor objects. The expansion alone is available for $9.99, or $39.99 as part of the Awesome Max Edition of the full Trials Fusion game. This edition also includes the original Season Pass worth six DLCs. 

Source [Ubisoft

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