Trials Evolution soundtrack created by God of War composer

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Despite its scheduled release tomorrow, Trials Evolution details are continuing to "ride in." According to publisher Ubisoft, Mike Reagan is the mastermind behind the game's soundtrack. Though he's not a household name, Reagan's work has been appreciated by a countless number of gamers. How, you ask? Reagan also composed the soundtracks for both the God of War and Darksiders series, which are both widely successful franchises. 

“Since we launched the first trailer for Trials Evolution, people have been asking us who composed the music for the game,” said Antti Ilvessuo, the Creative Director of Trials Evolution. “Mike’s driving beats and pounding rhythms are the perfect complement to Trials’ fast, frantic gameplay and ‘take no prisoners’ approach.” 

Trials Evolution is set to unleash fury tomorrow, and publications' reviews are already beginning to pour in; lets just say a lot of folks are enjoying the experience. Come tomorrow, you'll be able to decide if it reigns supreme over its predecessor. 

Source: [OXM]

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