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Trials Evolution sells 500k in three weeks

Trials Evolution managed to break day one sales records, selling more in a single day than any other Xbox Live Arcade game, like, ever, you guys. The RedLynx-developed racer continues to generate some nice revenue, and it has managed to hit 500,000 total sales in three weeks.

Since its launch last month, Trials Evolution has delivered incredible racing gameplay, and it's easily a must-download title for Xbox 360 owners. GameZone's own Robert Workman awarded the game with an impressive 9.5/10 score in his review. Trials Evolution has also earned favorable reviews among other sites, which means the consensus is that this title is pretty damn awesome.

It's great seeing a game like this succeeding, especially when you take into account that it launched on a single console. Just imagine the amount of revenue that Trials Evolution would have earned if it was released on multiple platforms. According to Ubisoft, several RedLynx IPs have "great multiplatform potential."

Whether we'll ever see the Trials series on other platforms remains to be seen, especially since it's currently published by Microsoft, but it's obvious that there's a lot of money to be made there. Even if this series stays exclusive to Xbox systems, it's good to know that there are gamers out there who really appreciate an awesome game like this.


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