Trials Evolution 'Riders of Doom' DLC speeds its way onto the XBLA marketplace

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Perhaps a nominee for XBLA game of the year, Trials Evolution is back and ready to rev up throughout a mixture of deadly terrain that you’ll quickly become accustomed with thanks to the “Riders of Doom” expansion pack.

The 400 MSP DLC pack grants players 40 new tracks set in the “Big Sand Lands,” compromised into 20 new Trials tracks, 10 new Skill Games, 5 new Supercross tracks and 5 new Tournament tracks. In addition, players can work towards the new and mightily powerful “Banshee” bike that’ll undoubtedly handle these “end of the world” tracks.

Below you can find out more information pertaining to the expansion pack:

Trials Evolution Riders of Doom DLC


Price: 400 MSP

Download Size: 914.00 MB

Description: “Riders of Doom DLC for Trials Evolution”

You can view our 9.5 review of the summer blockbuster by clicking here, just in case you’re still on the fence with the game, though we certainly advise picking this one up with any arguments.  

You can also download the Trials Evolution “Riders of Doom” expansion pack directly to your Xbox 360 by clicking here

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