Treasurenauts is the next game from Mutant Mudds developer

Mutant Mudds Screenshot - Mutant Mudds

Renegade Kid has plans for a new game, but it's keeping the details secret for now.

The Mutant Mudds developer is working on a title called Treasurenauts. Siliconera discovered a trademark for the game and confirmed its authenticity with Renegade Kid, which will formally announce it soon.

The game, like Mutant Mudds, may be for 3DS as the company has established a record of releasing titles on Nintendo's handhelds since the DS days. Just a couple months ago in January, co-founder Jools Watsham revealed that Mutant Mudds 2 was underway.

Renegade Kid is also planning a 3DS release of ATV Wild Ride 3D in Q1 2013. Watsham said he hoped to launch both games during the same period.

Watsham has previously expressed concern over piracy on the 3DS, saying that if it got bad enough, "we will have no choice but to stop supporting the platform with new games."

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