Treasure Adventure Game Looks Retro, Awesome

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Once more, an indie game that looks really damn promising has popped up. Treasure Adventure Game is the latest indie title to watch out for, and it looks to make a nice little splash when it launches in a little over a week, as mentioned by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

At its core, the game is a side-scrolling platformer, but there is plenty to do besides just running and jumping. Treasure Adventure Game invites you to explore its massive world and go treasure hunting, which is something most of us have dreamed about doing at some point.

The game is rich with retro charm. The visuals are bright and pixelated, and the music sounds joyfully old school. The whole thing looks and sounds pretty impressive.

You can currently download the Beta, and the full game will launch soon. Check out the trailer on YouTube and see what this indie title is all about. Oh, and did I mention that Treasure Adventure Game will be free to download? Yeah, I thought you might like to know that.

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