Transformers Prime screens have brawling bots, game lands October

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New Transformers Prime screenshots have surfaced, and so has a launch date for the upcoming licensed brawler. The game, which will land on the Wii, 3DS, and DS, is scheduled for launch on October 30.

Transformers Prime looks to deliver 3D beat 'em up action for fans of the animated show of the same name. The Wii version will sport motion control functionality, while the 3DS and DS iterations will offer touchscreen support. Additionally, Nintendo's newer dual screen handheld will offer stereoscopic visuals, which is always nice.

Judging from these screens (which I've compiled into a nice gallery), Transformers Prime looks like it will deliver plenty of fan service for individuals who really dig the TV show. If you're a fan, watch out for the Activision-published title this October.

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