Trailer: Need For Speed Most Wanted 'Better with Kinect'

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After an impressive E3 showing and months of eye-popping trailers, one may ask how EA’s Need For Speed Most Wanted could get any better. Well get ready, because Microsoft knows the answer to that question: “with Kinect.”

The latest trailer for the upcoming racing title features fast cars, tight corners, and illegal, reckless driving, but it also features that notorious, arguably despised “Better with Kinect” banner highlighted by a purple backdrop. Previously, EA had not revealed any Kinect gameplay or enhancements, which makes this report rather intriguing.

Better with Kinect

Possibly more intriguing, though, is the fact that the Xbox 360 SKU version used in the trailer was shown with a purple case. Titles that simply utilize Kinect in limited ways (a la Mass Effect 3) normally ship in the standard green case, which means that Kinect may be a vital part in Need For Speed Most Wanted, something we’ve yet to be shown in any capacity.

Obviously racing isn’t unheard of when you think of Microsoft’s mighty peripheral, but titles that have focuses on controller-free racing haven’t quite hit the jackpot in terms of critical success or success at the register. Could EA strike gold with this? Surely. Still, it’s something we’ll hear more on in the coming weeks; something we all are wondering about as of today.

To view the latest Need For Speed Most Wanted trailer, click here.

Source: [YouTube – trailer]

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