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Toys“R”Us to carry exclusive 'Infinite Crystal Series' for Disney Infinity

Infinite Crystal Series - Lightning McQueen Gallery_small_infiniteseries_mcqueen_1-1 Gallery_small_lightning-mcqueen-infinite---mike-car-power-disc

Get ready for a mad rush when Disney Infinity launches on Sunday, August 18 (you know how these parents can get when it comes to collectible toys). Speaking of such, Toys"R"Us has announced a series of new collectible figures for the game which integrates real life toy figurines from the most iconic Disney and Pixar franchises with an immersive video game experience. Toys"R"Us isn't offering just any ordinary figurines though; these are part of an exclusive Infinite Crystal Series, an assortment of figures that have enhanced in-game abilities. The retailer is also carrying exclusive Power Discs that unlock special in-game powers, gadgets, vehicles and more.

The first Infinite Crystal Series figure announced was Lightning McQueen from the Pixar hit Cars. This special Lightning McQueen allows players to earn bonus points and access special, unique in-game abilities, "making Lightning McQueen stand out from the rest!"

Toys"R"Us is also carrying Mike's Car Power Disc which can be used to spawn Mike Wazowski's car featured in Monsters Inc. This gives him a "unique edge over other characters in the game."

Disney Infinity offers kids the opportunity to not only combine their toys and the digital world, but allows them to bring together their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, including Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Lightning McQueen from Cars, creating new worlds and storylines of Disney magic,” said Toys“R”Us' Richard Barry, Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Disney to bring this unique game and product – including those available only at Toys“R”Us – to the many fans and gamers who have been eagerly awaiting this exciting launch.”

Disney Infinity is set to launch this Sunday with an initial line of 18 collectible interactive figures and 21 Power Discs, including these two which are found only at Toys"R"Us. The game itself will feature characters from all sorts of Disney/Pixar franchises including Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, Monsters University., Toy Story, The Incredibles, The Lone Ranger and more.

The actual figurines allow players to bring these characters to life in a story-driven "Play Set" based on the franchise. Or players can bring each of the toys together in the "Toy Box" in where players can build and customize their own unique virtual world using characters, vehicles, settings, and accessories from any of the franchises.

Although more Infinite Crystal Series figures and exclusive Power Discs are planned, these are all Toys"R"Us announced so far.

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