Toys 'R' Us reveals two more Disney Infinity 'Infinite Crystal Series' figures

Disney Infinity Screenshot - Disney Infinity Infinite Crystal Series Jack Sparow Lone Ranger

Toys 'R' Us has revealed two new additions to the Disney Infinity 'Infinite Crystal Series': Captain Jack Sparrow and Lone Ranger. Like the previous figures released in this Toys 'R' Us exclusive line of characters, both Infinite Crystal Captain Jack and Infinite Crystal Lone Ranger will have enhanced in-game abilities. 

Infinite Crystal Captain Jack

With the help of Infinite Crystal Series Captain Jack Sparrow, fans can go on a swashbuckling adventure filled with pirates, treasures and sea battles, as well as earn bonus points.

Infinite Crystal Lone Ranger

Players will never have a dully moment with Infinite Crystal Series Lone Ranger, the mask-wearing dealer of justice. They can use Lone Rangers’ climbing and riding skills to win against even the toughest of odds.

Both figures will be available at Toys 'R' Us stores nationwide and on the retailer's official website.

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