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Tour the Planets with Rockford

December 14, 2007

Tour the Planets with Rockford

The first of three "Producer in a Box" videos about Boulder Dash-ROCKS! introduces the classic game mode

Past the treacherous foes hiding in the Jungle World, the searing heat of the Lava World, the voracious sharks inhabiting the Water World and even the giant spiders of the Underworld - the first "Producer in a Box" video for "Boulder Dash-ROCKS!" takes viewers on the trip of a lifetime. The new video showcases 'Planet Tour' mode featuring classic Boulder Dash game play. 'Planet Tour', included in both the DS and PSP versions of Boulder Dash-ROCKS!, takes famed diamond hunter Rockford™ through four different worlds inhabited by hordes of nasty creatures. The video also provides some background information on this cult-classic diamond hunting title and Rockford's new nemesis, Tentacle, who also has a passion for glittering diamonds.

Click here to see the new Boulder Dash-ROCKS! video.

Boulder Dash-ROCKS for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP was developed by 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE GmbH and is co-published by 10TACLE STUDIOS AG and First Star Software, Inc. The DS version was released throughout Europe on November 22nd, distributed by Electronic Arts Inc. Both the DS and PSP versions will be released throughout the world in the first quarter of 2008.

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