'Toukiden' is a new IP from the Dynasty Warriors dev

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Sony's Tokyo Game Show was filled with plenty of exciting announcements. We got a smaller, lighter PS3 and learned that PlayStation Plus will be coming to the Vita in November. Of course, most gamers probably already own those consoles; we want the games darnit! Well, at the press conference, we did learn about one game in particular: Toukiden.

Developed by Omega Force, the team behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Toukiden is a brand new IP centered around dark fantasy, samurai action. It will be available for both the PlayStation Vita and PSP sometime in 2013, and will support cross-platfrom play between both of the handheld devices.

Toukiden was revealed during Sony's TGS 2012 keynote with a brief trailer that showcased a female samurai, most likely the game's protagonist, slicing giant spiders and ogres.

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