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Touch My Katamari Will Be a Vita Launch Title


February 22, 2012 will mark the launch of the PlayStation Vita, and for many gamers, that day couldn't come any sooner. Sony's upcoming handheld certainly holds a ton of promise, and developers have openly expressed their support for the platform. Namco Bandai is one of these developers, and it has already announced one of the portable device's launch titles.

As posted on the PlayStation Blog, Touch My Katamari will be dropping alongside the Vita on February 22. Now, before I get to anything else, let's just wrap our heads around the awesomeness of the game's title. Touch My Katamari. Amusing? Yes. F*cking brilliant? Of course!

The fact that a Katamari game is landing on a platform right from the get-go is great news, and if you're planning on shelling out the big bucks for a launch Vita, I would highly suggest you keep Touch My Katamari on your radar. The game will feature dual analog controls, which is awesome news for handheld gamers who have had issues with the single analog design of past portable entries. Additionally, you'll be able to shrink and stretch your Katamari using the handheld's touch screen.

The fact that Touch My Katamari is landing on the same day as the Vita definitely gets me stoked for the system. Watch out for the game this coming February. Oh, and it's totally OK if you giggle whenever you think about the game's name. Touch My Katamari is equal parts quirky and chuckle-worthy. So if anyone tells you to grow up, tell them to touch your Katamari.

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