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Touch My Katamari Trailer Shows Shrinking and Stretching Gameplay


Touch My Katamari is somewhat of a special game for me. For starters, it's a launch title for the PlayStation Vita that I really, really want. Also, it's called Touch My Katamari, which is just boss.

A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for the game, and while it's only under a minute long, it shows off a lot of what to expect from the game at launch. As previously mentioned, players will be able to shrink and stretch their Katamaris using the Vita's touch functionality. In case you didn't get why it was called Touch My Katamari, now you know.

The trailer offers the familiar brand of Katamari goodness. It's bright, colorful, and cheery. As for the sound, well, we get some catchy beat that I hope we'll get to hear more of in the full game.

Check out the latest trailer for Touch My Katamari on YouTube. It looks delightfully jolly, and I would suggest making this a Vita game to watch out for. And no, I'm still not tired of saying "Touch My Katamari."

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