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Total War: Rome 2 will have 4v4 balanced land matches with ELO

We’re only weeks away from Total War: Rome II’s release. With that, it seems like Creative Assembly can’t stop feeding us tidbits and delicious morsels about the game – which may I add, I’m COMPLETELY okay with. Today they put out a video featuring the multiplayer aspects of the game.

With community team’s Trish Ryniak and multiplayer designer Elliot Lock, the first part of the clip talks about different aspects of the multiplayer and the second part they do a head to head versus match. Some of the Rome II’s features will include 4v4 matches, balanced battlegrounds, a ranked ELO system to match with like skilled players, quick battles, and sieges. Instead of 3 game types there are now 9. You can even use the battle map to pick locations to battle in – if you like it save it and play it at a later time.+

Rome 2 talk

Check out the video above and know September 3rd is approaching rapidly. 

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