Total War: Rome 2 wants you to play the Seleucid faction for free

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The next playable faction in Total War: Rome II not only has been announced, but it will be falling into your lap for the massive price of nothing. That’s right, during the next great Rome II patch; you’ll receive the Seleucid faction for free – just as part of the update. It’s pretty hard to argue that.

Who are the Seleucids, you may ask? For starters they are the product of Greek colonization and Hellenization. They rest on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea around Antioch. The Seleucids are often known for their city building and civil engineering. On the battlefield, they were renown for their cavalry: heavy cataphracts, horse skirmishers, and war elephants. In the battle of Ipsus (301 BC), they had 500 war elephants alone!

Do have what it takes to expand the Seleucids to greatness? Can you push back and even conquer the Egyptians at your front door? Come next patch, you can do just that – for free.    



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