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Total War: Rome 2 teaches us history through a gameplay video


This may seem like a compete “duh” sort of statement, but the larger an empire becomes the more money it needs. This means, if need to conquer more ground, you need a larger empire, thus you need to fill those coffers more with tax revenue. Rome was no different than any other empire in this sense. As Rome become gigantic and spread its reach far across Europe, Africa minor, and Asia minor – more and more money was needed.

In this video, through the historians Bettany Hughes, Mike Loades, Lynette Nusbacher and Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy, Creative Assembly gives you facts about the Roman Empire through game footage from Total War: Rome II. The main focus on this video will be on The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. This crushing defeat of the Roman force by Germanic tribes would always be remembered in Europe as a call for rebellion.

Check out the video above and get your history lesson on.

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