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Total War: ROME 2 takes a look at Egypt’s Cleopatra and campaign map

“We who are seen as gods have the farthest to fall?” What a powerful statement. Cleopatra is saying that when you’re in the spotlight and everyone thinks the world of you – there is an expectation of perfection. As with anything, perfection is very rarely possible. Cleopatra is both a ruler and a mother. Which of those aspects takes a stronger president? How Romanized will she allow herself and people before enough is enough?

Well Total War: ROME 2 is taking all this into account with their introduction of Cleopatra through their new trailer. On top of the story stuffs, this new trailer offers the first glimpse at the campaign map. Below you can take a gander a screen shot of that map. Watch the trailer, get in an Egyptian mind set, and become queen of the Nile.   

Rome 2 map

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