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Total War: Rome 2 is hard, get some help with the new tutorial hub


No one said managing a massive army of Romans was going to be easy. Seriously though, this game can be extremely tough, especially for those that are jumping into the series for the first time. Luckily, the good folks at Creative Assembly have put together a primer of sorts.

On this Total War Wiki page, you can get access to the tutorial hub which will not only help new players coming to the series for the first time, but refresh old players alike with basics of playing the game.

The tutorial hub will cover many essentials from moving and attacking to a selection of new features like army stances. The hub also includes a few tutorial videos which you'll have access to in-game when the game launches on September 3rd.

Creative Assembly also wants to make sure you're getting the best possible technical experience with Rome 2, so they have announced a 24 hour community and technical support for the first two weeks from launch, made specially for those that might be experiencing gameplay or technical issues.

Look out for Total War: Rome 2 hitting on September 3, and our review of the game shortly before that.

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