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Total War: Rome 2 Cultural Pack: Nomadic Tribes free until October 29th!

Hey you Total War: Rome II players who cherish cavalry units, TODAY is your day. The Rome II Cultural Pack: Nomadic Tribes came out today! You certainly don’t have nomadic tribes without tons and tons of cavalry! This pack unlocks the Royal Scythians, Roxolani and Massagetae factions for you to play as. Learn or perfect your favourite hit and run tactics to finish off or disable your opponent.

Here’s the wonderful news, you can download this DLC for FREE until October 29th. That’s right, this Cultural Pack: Nomadic Tribes add-on, which is normally $7.99, is free for a limited time. How can you argue that? Keep in mind the Seleucid faction is ALSO coming out for free during the next large patch coming. I heard you like free factions…

“We’ve had more gamers playing ROME II, and for longer, in its first month than any other Total War to date. We are going to continue to work on gameplay feature balancing with our community who have been hugely helpful in feeding back on the game. Offering this DLC for free for the first week it’s on sale is a celebration and a small thank you to them for helping us make this the biggest TW yet.” – Mike Simpson, Creative Assembly

Check out the trailer above and download the DLC for free RIGHT NOW!

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