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Total War: Rome 2 Blood and Gore Trailer takes new meaning to ‘Romans, lend me your ears’

So… you’ve been playing Total War: Rome II for some time now. You think you’ve got the battles down at this point but you can’t help feeling like there is something you’re missing. Could it be… blood? Could it be gore? Could it be… BOTH!? Why yes, that is exactly what is missing. The devs have decided that you’ve earned the true violence you deserve.

Let me introduce you to the Blood & Gore pack now available via Steam. This will give the units in your game the ability to shed more blood, dismember, impale, and decapitate each other. If this sort of gruesomeness is right up your alley, you may buy this DLC for the low price of $2.99. If you’re wondering if the sounds will get more brutal as well… they do, they absolutely do.    

Check out the trailer above and Happy Halloween Romans.

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