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Torrenting The Witness could impact Jonathan Blow's next game

The Witness is the #1 game on a 'certain popular torrenting site'

Torrenting The Witness could impact Jonathan Blow's next game

Jonathan Blow's The Witness is amazing work of art, but despite all the praise and favorable reviews, a large majority of gamers still believe the "indie puzzle game" isn't worth the $40 price tag it comes with. So they've taken to "a certain popular torrent site" to steal the game and play it for free.

While Blow is happy more people are experiencing the game, he warns that torrenting The Witness, which took seven years to create, could impact his future games. Taking to Twitter, the indie developer expressed his frustration.

Despite the number of people torrenting the game, The Witness still remains among Steam's top-sellers. It's unclear exactly how many people have torrented Blow's addicting new puzzler, but the developer says he should be able to make a new game "of comparable intricacy next!" Not only that, but he says it can do it in way less time.

The Witness took seven years to develop, so let's hope so.

For those of you stuck on a puzzle, check out our guide (work in progress) here.

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