Torchlight 2 exceeds 1 million copies sold

Torchlight II Screenshot - Torchlight 2

Last year's rival to Diablo 3 has just sold 1 million copies and counting.

Runic Games announced early this week the sales numbers for Torchlight 2, which faced competition with Blizzard's similar action-role-playing game. The developer was hesitant to debut the game within the same year as Diablo 3 and eventually settled on a release four months after Blizzard's troubled launch. Connectivity problems and other issues (such as concern over end-game sustainment) have plagued Diablo 3 since day one.

The two games might resemble each other in gameplay, but Torchlight 2 costs massively less. Right now, it's on sale for $10 on Steam for PC and Mac, down from $20.

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