Topical cosplay Luigi deals out Green Shells, death stares and doesn't give a f***

Gaming Culture Screenshot - Death Stare Luigi

Talk about topical cosplay. Sure, you see Luigis and Marios all the time, but this cosplayer took it to the next level. Cosplayer D Piddy, known for his awesome Deadpool cosplay videos, took it upon himself to create the absolute perfect Death Stare Luigi costume, that's both equally impressive and creepy, and took his Green Shell and Kart to Anime Expo 2014 in LA.

What transpired was some amazingly accurate shots, and hilarious camera drive-bys featuring that death stare we've grown to love. While some certainly look staged, it's the ones posing for a supposed picture that get a surprise green shell to their elaborate outfits followed by a look of confusion, that are the absolute best.

Enjoy. I know I did.

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