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Top 10 360 Games After X10

February 18, 2010

Top 10 360 Games After X10
By Dakota Grabowski

Microsoft has a star-studded lineup going into the fall

Microsoft’s X10 shed a lot of light on their portfolio up until the holiday season for 2010. While their first-party lineup is on the light side, even with the slated releases of Halo Reach and Fable III for the fall to winter months, Microsoft is specifically allowing third-party publishers to shine in all of their glory – so long as they avoid the juggernaut of Halo.

Naysayers may say that Microsoft has blown its load and 2009 was a glimpse into the future of the fall of popularity for the Redmond, Washington based company in the console space. Well, Microsoft isn’t going to go out without a fight and 2010 is shaping up to be a much better year for the console than 2009 was.

It goes without saying that there are dozens of games we are excited for in 2010, but here are our current 10 favorites that have caught our eye.

10 – Splinter Cell: Conviction

After playing through Ubisoft’s often delayed spy-thriller, we are confident that Sam Fisher will be brought back to the forefront for beloved heroes on the Xbox 360 console. Even with the exclusion of Spies vs. Mercenaries, Ubisoft is introducing a cooperative story mode that is separate from the single-player experience to draw people in. Check out our full hands-on preview.

9 – Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games needs a bonafide hit in 2010. Red Dead Redemption may turn out to be the game that fills that role since many are calling it Grand Theft Auto with cowboys and Indians. This claim may turn out to be beneficial for Rockstar Games since the Wild West is a theme that isn’t too often explored. For gamers looking for a mature experience, Red Dead Redemption should comfortably fill that void.

8 – UFC Undisputed 2010

A successful debut in 2009 and THQ is off to the races with their mega-popular UFC license that is bound to impress once again in 2010. The laundry list of additions is plenty for gamers to upgrade to the new copy including: signature moves, new fighting styles (Karate, Sambo, Greco-Roman wrestling), southpaw fighting stance, use of cage walls, online fighting camps, new submissions, and so much more. The only question left is, where do we sign up?

7 – Crackdown 2

Even with not allowing us to have hands-on at X10, we still were blown away at what the new development team behind the title, Ruffian Games, has been able to accomplish in such a short time. Supporting up to four players in cooperative mode, Crackdown 2 is going to be a blast to play with friends and family later on this year. Only issue is that Crackdown 2 could potentially be delayed into 2011, so we’re keeping a close watch on it until more news is released.

6 – Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 was, perhaps, the most surprising title at X10. Our expectations were low with the switch of developers, but Capcom and Blue Castle Games look as if they know what they are doing. The switch of protagonists may turn long-time Dead Rising fans off, but it shouldn’t stop the game from being wildly entertaining. Read our hands-on preview of Dead Rising 2.

5 – Fable III

Peter Molyneux is gearing up the third installment in Microsoft’s cash-cow of a franchise from Lionhead Studios. If Molyneux can live up to promises of a world that is ever-inviting and emotionally touching, then Microsoft should strike gold a third time with the Fable sequel. Besides… not only we will be able to pick up chicks in the game, but the game now allows the players to fondle their body parts with “expressive touching.”

4 – Fallout: New Vegas

Picking up three years after Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas is bound to offer hundreds of hours of gameplay to users dying to serve their craving for a walkabout in a post-apocalyptic world. Showing off the crazy environment of Sin City (aka Las Vegas, Nevada) players should get their good fill of the city where anything can happen (Dead Rising 2 is also based in Las Vegas).

3 – Final Fantasy XIII

The wait is finally over for US gamers on March 9 (provided they haven’t already imported it from Japan) as Final Fantasy XIII hits store shelves with several years of anticipation. It’s going to be one of the year’s top-selling titles and we can only pray that the title begs us to come back for more after our first completion. In addition, Lightning, the female protagonist, is an absolute babe – so it’s a must-buy in our eyes with that notion alone.

2 – Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment has won us over with their hands-on debut of Alan Wake at X10. It was gorgeous, spectacular, mesmerizing and exciting all wrapped up in one. Check out our full hands-on preview to find out why Alan Wake is potentially going to be one of the year’s best titles to release on any console.

1 – Halo Reach

This may be Bungie’s swansong for the Halo series, so it’s only natural that the hype for Halo Reach is progressively rising every day. This holiday season will be Halo season all over again – such as 2001 was for Halo: Combat Evolved, 2004 was for Halo 2 and 2007 was for Halo 3.

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