Tony Hawk developer Neversoft shuts down with an effigy burning

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Neversoft, known primarily for the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero series but also loved for such hits as Spider-man, closed its doors today after 20 years of operation.

Neversoft’s closure comes as sad news but no surprise given Activion’s May-announced plan retire the name in order to devote developer manpower to the Call of Duty IP. At least Neversoft can go out knowing they singlehandedly embarrassed every other studio closure by perfecting the method:

1)      Create a model of your own logo

2)      Proceed to shoot said model with a bow and arrow

3)      Light the model on fire like you’re a bunch of Vikings

4)      Keep being Vikings and give everyone monogrammed bowie knives

Oh, that last bit? Yeah, that’s what Neversoft employees received as a parting gift, as seen below:

Beats the hell out of Murdered: Soul Suspect developer Airtight’s abrupt disappearance, that’s for sure. 


Austin Wood
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