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Tommy Wiseau Has a Show on Machinima


I'm pretty sure I've heard Tommy Wiseau's name mentioned somewhere, but I never really knew who he was. I certainly had never heard of the movie The Room until just recently, and now that I learned that it was really bad, I just have to watch it. In any case, Mr. Wiseau has a new show on Machinima, and it's all kinds of crazy.

So what's the Tommy Wi-Show about? Well, the alleged gaming master gets abducted by aliens and is forced to play video games. The moment I learned about this insanely awesome concept, I was instantly sold.

The first episode sees Wiseau playing a couple rounds of Mortal Kombat. Well, he's trying to play the game, all the while saying things like, "Yes, you have big boobs so you think you're smart, huh?" and "Come on, little lesbian," which is then followed by Wiseau sticking out his tongue.

Check out the first six-minute episode of The Tommy Wi-Show on YouTube. There's also a bonus video that showcases Wiseau's mad gaming skills as he takes on Freddy Krueger. So what do you think of this ambitious new project?

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