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Tomb Raider weekend sale is your ticket to Yamatai

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is no stranger to traveling the world, but she's a lot richer than most of us.

Crystal Dynamics feels our pain, so the developer has discounted last month's Tomb Raider reboot by 50 percent on the PlayStation Network. Curious players can book a cheaper trip to Yamatai, which is hidden away on an island in the Dragon's Triangle.

Of course, that's where you'll die — a lot. Over and over, in creative and painful ways.

The sale runs until Monday, April 29, at noon (just to be safe, assume that's Pacific time). You can grab it for $30 on the Sony Entertainment Network webstore.

And remember, you can now queue the game up from your computer if you wish.

GameZone reviewer Mike Splechta gave Tomb Raider a 9-out-of-10 and wrote, "After all the cuts and bruises ... this wasn't the same Lara. ... As someone who previously had little to no interest in any Tomb Raider game before this, I walked away changed too. This brilliantly designed adventure had me captivated from start to finish ... ."

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