Tomb Raider sales top 4 million worldwide

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Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot, which was released on PC and consoles earlier this year, has surpassed the four-million-units sold mark worldwide. The latest figure was revealed in a Gamasutra blog post in which Darrell Gallagher, former studio head of Crystal Dynamics who is now head of product development and studios for Square Enix, discusses dealing with changes in the industry.

While the entire piece makes for a fascinating read, a key note is the four million units sold worldwide, making the Tomb Raider reboot "the fastest selling game in the history of the franchise and the most critically acclaimed title ever produced from the studio."

Not a bad feat for a game described as having "weak sales" by its publisher, Square Enix. At the time Square Enix described it as such, Tomb Raider had sold approximately 3.4 million units (not including digital), which begs the question: what the heck were they thinking? Apparently, the publisher was expected to sell between five and six million units across North America, Europe, and Japan.

Despite the difference in perception, a Tomb Raider sequel is already in the works.

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