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Tomb Raider multiplayer details revealed


Every game gets a multiplayer aspect nowadays; Max Payne 3Dead Space 3Mass Effect 3 -- they all started as single-player games but now have multiplayer aspect (except BioShock Infinite; they're sticking to their guns). So when it was leaked last week that there would be multiplayer in Tomb Raider, none of us here at GameZone were really surprised; instead, we were curious as to how it would be implemented. 

Now, Official Xbox Magazine has revealed the first Tomb Raider multiplayer details, and a member of the Tomb Raider forums summarized the information from the magazine's reveal. 

Whenever there's a multiplayer, there's usually a Team Deathmatch mode. So Team Deathmatch is one of the multiplayer modes available. Team Deathmatch will put you either on a team of Lara's surviving allies or a group of hostile natives referred to as "scavengers" in best-of-three matches, alternating between sides. The maps are described as not being too wide open, and they feature many ways to hinder your opponent -- lever-based traps that shoot spikes out of walls, destroyable environmental elements (like bridges), weaponry like the bow and arrow that Lara is always seen with, climbable surfaces and rocky water tunnels that you can slide down.

The second game time was called "Rescue." In Rescue, survivors have to collect a certain amount of med-packs to deliver to a certain destination that constantly changes. If you're playing on the side of the Scavengers, you need to reach a certain kill count. Survivors get a "bleed-out" time that can be cut short with a melee finishing move. 

There was also a mode called "Cry for Help" talked about briefly. Apparently, it places a strong emphasis on discovery and collection and has more adventure than combat. No other modes were mentioned, so it's unclear as to whether these are the only ones or not. 

You'll pick from a deep roster of characters to play as with different stats and loadouts; for example: you might be equipped with a bow or firearm, sidearm, grenade-like projectile, and a climbing axe for melee. As standard for multiplayer, you acquire XP, which can go towards altering your stats or purchasing other characters. 

Most notably, at least for me, is that Lara was not seen in any of the multiplayer shown. Since your playing as a member from her group of survivors, that would make sense. Teammates can choose the same character, so it might be ridiculous to see a team of Lara Crofts running around with bows. 

I haven't had any time with Tomb Raider yet, so I can't say whether or not multiplayer is needed. Other GameZone writers have had previews of the single-player, however. The single-player looked strong enough on its own, and I worry that the multiplayer was just a throw-in as a way to include multiplayer DLC and increase replay value. I strongly stand by Ken Levine's sentiment that multiplayer didn't really add anything to BioShock Infinite so they didn't include it. Let's hope the Tomb Raider multiplayer wasn't thrown in for the heck of it.

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