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Tom Hardy to be Venom in upcoming spin-off film with Zombieland director

One will be the star and the other will be director.

Tom Hardy in final negotiations for 'Venom' film with Zombieland director

Earlier this year it was reported that Sony is officially working on bringing a Venom movie to theaters in 2018. The film was described to be an "Action/horror/sci-fi" and should begin shooting this Fall. Before that begins, the film needs a director and cast - but it looks like we are about to get that!

Tom Hardy will be starring as Eddie Brock in Venom, according to Sony, which is the Venom Symbiotes second host and the first host to become Venom, as well as Spider-Man's archenemies. In addition to this role, Hardy set to be the main star in the upcoming Splinter Cell movie and reportedly has a minor role Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Zombieland 2 is reportedly in development, but this time with Kevin Smith working as the director, which has freed up Zombieland's original director, Ruben Fleischer, to direct Venom. At the moment, Fleischer is reported to be in final negotiations for the role.

Venom is set to release on October 5th, 2018.

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