Tokyo Jungle now playable on PS Vita

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When Crispy's! Tokyo Jungle arrived on the PlayStation Network in September, it took over the PS3. Literally, the game transformed the city you once knew as Tokyo into a post-human, survival-of-the-fittest city ruled by animals — animals battling to live. To put it simply, Tokyo Jungle was one hell of an experience, but it was an experience you could only get on the PlayStation 3...until now.

The latest patch, which went live last night, allows you to play Tokyo Jungle on the Vita via Remote Play. For those unfamiliar, Remote Play is an option that allows you to stream content from your PS3 to your Vita via Wi-Fi or a private connection. However, Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida recommends the game be played with Remote Play from home.

"Remote Play over Internet is not recommended due to latency and video bandwidth," he said. "Please try Tokyo Jungle Remote Play at home."

To access this option simply download the patch that allows for Remote Play when you boot up Tokyo Jungle on your PS3. After that, you can use Remote Play on your Vita to access the PS3. It's as simple as that.

Are you enjoying Tokyo Jungle on the Vita?

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