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Today's top 10 tweets from the gaming industry - 4/25/13

What did you miss about video games today? What were some of the gaming industry's most popular people tweeting about? I'll give you 10 tweets I found awesome, informative, weird, funny, stupid, or whatever, and then I'll give some commentary on it.

Today, we talk about Nintendo not having a presser at E3, among other nonsense...

This is pricey as hell, but it's BioShock Infinite art with a limited amount -- so it's worth it. 

Just now? JUST NOW?! Where the f*ck have you been? You don't know jack sh*t about the internet if you're not using Reddit! By the way, welcome to Reddit. Have fun. 

I owned the first Gameboy. Since that, I didn't own a handheld gaming device -- other than my phone -- until I bought a blue Nintendo 3DS XL. And boy, have I not regretted it for a second. It rekindled my love for Nintendo. Also, the 3DS has one of the most impressive gaming libraries of any consoles, with only more great games to come!

F*ck. Yes. Watch it son!


It would drive me nuts to be able to watch the first 40 minutes of Monsters University and then have to stop. 

But the problem is they won't even be in the discussion now. They're going to be forgotten. Every gamer watches E3, so it's potentially a time you can get more gamers to buy what you're selling. Last time I checked, the Wii U needs more people to buy it.

If you're saying E3 is dead, you're an idiot.

Congrats to Barry Sanders, who beat out Adrian Peterson in the Madden 25 cover vote. My favorite season watching Barry play for the Lions was the 1997 season -- not because I'm a Barry Sanders or Lions fan, but because I'm a Broncos fan. Terrell Davis and Barry Sanders were both attempting to break 2,000 yards rushing that year, and they were close to each other all season long. In the end, Barry broke 2,000 yards, and Davis fell short of the mark. Great memories, though.

Tweet of the Day

These are hilarious. Watch his Super Best Guide for Surgeon Simulator 2013, also. I can't help but laugh at these videos. Definitely my favorite, new video series.

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