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Today's Boom Beach update adds new victory screen, tank model, and more

Boom Beach

A new update for Boom Beach has rolled out. Appropriately labeled "A New Hope for Victory Screen Enthusiasts" for the brand new, glorious victory screen that it brings, the new update also introduces new Tank models and tons of balance changes. Here are the patch notes for today's update:

Visual Upgrades:

  • New in-game Tank models are now rolling out with improved graphics, animations and effects!
  • More lively home base with Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine animations, people entering Residences, and smoke from chimneys
  • Native Kual villages now have a distinctive style
  • New Kual resource boat graphics
  • New Machine Gun and Boom Mine graphics

Interface Improvements:

  • Wealth of information in new info screen popups: tap any building or troop statistic to get detailed info
  • Glorious new victory screen!
  • Boom Beach is now available in Japanese and Turkish
  • Improved legibility: 1 and 7 are more distinguishable, text size increased on the iPhone, and other font tweaks
  • Added 3 second delay to Statue reclaim confirmation to reduce risk of accidental reclaiming

Balance Changes:

  • Dr. Terror has upgraded his replicators: he now mass produces mines and tougher defenses!
  • Player base resource reward decreased
  • Gold income from freed Kual villages decreased slightly
  • Defensive statue boost time decreased to 8 hours
  • Using more than one Power Powder to boost one statue will queue up the boosts
  • Removed Power Stone glitter from destroyed building debris
  • Added a special three Crystal reward for destroying the #1 player's base!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where logging in often resulted in fewer Blackguard invasions
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations!

On the subject of loot balancing, Supercell posted a more in-depth explanation in the game's forums.

Both of these changes have been made to restore some balance to Boom's Booming economy. We've noticed that there is an awful lot of loot floating about in the game - trust us, there is! This is primarily due to how the "Bonus Loot" system works: Bonus Loot is a baseline amount of loot that you see even if your opponent has diddly squat! It was implemented to ensure you always have something to take away from an attack. The amount is determined by your enemy's defense structure levels and more is added for each extra XP level they have on you. The important thing to note here is that Bonus Loot is created out of thin air - as in it doesn't come from any player's storages! This has resulted in there being an abundance of loot in the game and therefore we're adjusting the system accordingly to restore some of the challenge that has been lost along the way!


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