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To those who stab people and steal iPhones, police will find you


Alright California, this one is all you.  During a domestic dispute, a man stabbed a woman in her arm and stole her iPhone yesterday.  This stabbing occurred in the vicinity of Wilshire and Beverly Glen Boulevards on Los Angeles’ Westside.  This crime occurs at approximately 12:15 a.m.  Detectives were on this case in no time.

Here’s the thing, the detectives used the capabilities of the iPhone to find the stabber.  The ‘Find My iPhone’ function of the phone can be used to lock a lost phone as well as to track its location via GPS.  So, well, the detectives did just that and the signal brought them right to the thief and phone.  The man was taken into custody by 5 a.m.  – He’ll be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence.          

Alright criminals, if you’re not going to keep up with the times you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.  Los Angeles is a big city, there is no way you should be caught in under 5 hours.  I’m not rooting for the criminal here, but come on man.  Mad props to the L.A. Police Department for being so efficient on this case.

The woman who was stabbed is fine and has her iPhone back.  All is well.       

[Gizmodo via DailyNews]

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