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Titanfall's max level remains a mystery


Last week, Respawn Entertainment opened the flood gates to Titanfall's beta, finally putting an end to all the speculation that has arisen over the past few months. But even with players able to go hands-on with the online multiplayer shooter, there's still one question that looms over the heads of prospective players: what's the max level?

Unfortunately, it looks like it's a question that will go unanswered. In a Q&A with fans, Respawn Entertainment addressed, but refused to answer what the max level in Titanfall will be.

"You are definitely going to put in some time levelling, but we are going to leave that stuff for the players to figure out," Respawn said. "We really like to strike a balance between a slow grind and a really rewarding levelling up system. We don’t want you to spend all your time hating that you have to  complete some task. There are some [tasks to unlock things] in, but we try to make it so that it’s not overwhelming."

Part of Titanfall's leveling process is available in the game's beta, though it's capped at level 14. Like other games in the shooter genre, levelling in Titanfall will reward you with weapon unlocks and other custom loadout options, some of which can be seen here.

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