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Titanfall is getting hashtag matchmaking


In discussing the future of Titanfall during a PAX East panel today, Respawn Entertainment revealed a future matchmaking system that will allow players to use hashtags to find and play with others who share similar interests.

The idea is that you can easily meet up and play with people who you meet on websites and forums without having to exchange gamertags or add friends. You'll simply input a hashtag and the game will find other players also using that hashtag, and put you all on the same team.

Respawn clarified that people who use the same hashtag will be matched on the same team only, preventing people from boosting. It's a way to coordinate so you can choose your teammates and play with people who share common interests.

"The goal is to make new friends online for people who haven't had a way to meet yet," Respawn said. "It'll bridge the world between websites and the game."

If you want to play with me, you can find me under the hashtag "#Selfie". Hashtag functionality is said to be "coming soon" to Titanfall.

In other news, Titanfall's first DLC, Expedition, was also revealed. But first, let me take a selfie.

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