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Titanfall install could require up to 40GB on Xbox One


Last week, we reported that Titanfall on Xbox One would require 15.88GB of hard drive space. This was gathered from the Microsoft product page, which has since been removed. However, in a post today announcing the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle, it was revealed that the game could actually take as much as 40GB of space.

Looking at the fine print at the bottom of the page, it reads; "On Xbox, Titanfall requires Xbox Live Gold membership. Titanfall game download card inside marked packages; up to 40 GB required.”

At this point, it's unclear which listing is the correct amount of space, but it's worth pointing out that -- should 40GB be required -- Titanfall would fall in line with other shooters on the Xbox One; Battlefield 4 required 33GB of space, while Call of Duty: Ghosts needed 39GB. Both of those games had a single-player campaign however.

We've reached out to developer Respawn Entertainment for further clarification.

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