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Titanfall Frontier's Edge and Game Update 5 now live on Xbox One

Microsoft has announced the release of Frontier's Edge, the second of three DLC packs for Titanfall, on Xbox One. You should be able to find it on the Xbox Store or from the game's main menu.

Detailed earlier this month, Frontier's Edge pushes the battle "to the furthest reaches of the universe," introducing three new maps: the isolated mining outpost of Dig Site; the exclusive beach resort of Haven; and the mining hub on the side of a mountain known as Export. 

Coinciding with today's DLC is Game Update 5 which adds The Black Market, an in-game marketplace where you can spend in-game currency to unlock new Titan Insignias and additional Burn Cards. Don't worry, Respawn has already assured this isn't the beginning of a microtransaction systemAmong other things, the update adds Achievements for the new maps. They are listed below.

Haven Victor Win a single match on Haven
Haven Connoisseur Play every game mode on Haven
Executioner Execute 2 Titans in a single match on Haven
Overkill Kill 15 Titans while you have a Titan burn card active on Haven
Export Victor Win a single match on Export
Export Connoisseur Play every game mode on Export
It’s a Trap! Kill an enemy with the trap on Export
Hidden export Kill 25 enemies while cloaked in Export
Dig Site Victor Win a single match on Dig Site
Dig Site Connoisseur Play every game mode on Dig Site
Dirt Nap Kill 12 pilots in a single match on Dig Site
Gravesite Kill 50 Pilots in Dig Site

[Major Nelson]

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