Titanfall expansion packs will not expand upon the campaign's story

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Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment posted a lengthy outline of their future plans for Titanfall, the recently released online multiplayer shooter. On their list of many chores included convenience features, infrastructural features, and fixing the current game we have. But at their PAX East panel, they also revealed the game's first expansion, Titanfall: Expedition, new DLC that will include three new multiplayer maps.

"The idea is that these maps take place after the campaign that we created, so we kind of follow that a little bit," Respawn said. However, offering new maps is about as far as they'll go expanding upon the game's rather shallow campaign.

The campaign elements won't be there," said lead designer Justin Hendry when asked if future Titanfall DLC packs will include campaign story content. "But some of the cinematic elemnts will be in there -- so you'll have like some of the things going on in the background, like the ships flying by, the AI fighting each other and stuff like that."

"But there won't be a campaign narrative or anything," he reiterated. Given how poorly received the campaign story was, I honestly don't blame Respawn for focusing more on the multiplayer gameplay aspects like maps and new Burn Cards.

Titanfall: Expedition will be released sometime in May and is included with the $25 Titanfall Season Pass. 

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