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Titanfall campaign details and multiplayer map screenshots leaked


With just a week to go until Titanfall's launch, new screenshots of the game's multiplayer maps and details regarding its campaign have been leaked by someone on Reddit claiming to have a "reliable source."

"Without spoiling any story details, there are 9 campaign matches, and you can play from each side, IMC and Militia," Reddit user FallenFushion wrote. "The matches consist of 5 Attrition & 4 Hardpoint games. Picking each side results in different pre-match briefings and chatter during the battles. There are some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience."

Unfortunately, this information only results in more questions, like does the story change if you win or lose for reach side? That would be pretty sweet.

In addition to the brief details, the user also leaked screenshots of nine of the game's 15 maps. Here they are:


Titanfall Lagoon


Titanfall Colony

Titanfall Colony

Outpost 207

Titanfall Outpost 207


Titanfall Demeter


Titanfall Nexus


Titanfall Airbase


Titanfall Relic


Titanfall Fracture

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