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Titanfall Burn Cards officially explained by Respawn


With just a few days to go until the launch of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment has taken some time to explain Burn Cards.

If you participated in the recent beta, you're probably already aware of what these do. But for those of you unfamiliar, Burn Cards are "a feature that will temporarily give Pilots special abilities ranging from Amped Weapons, Ability Boosts, Titan Upgrades and much more that begin to unlock once they progress to level 7."

"As players continue to dominate within the many different game modes and level their Pilots, they will progressively unlock and be able to utilize a total of three Burn Card slots," Respawn explains.

Once you unlock this feature, you'll be able to access the Burn Card menu option from the main menu or in-game lobby. From here, you can choose which Burn Cards you'd like to equip. You can activate the Burn Cards you've equipped before the start of every match or after you die. "In both cases, the Burn Card will take effect when you spawn," Respawn adds.

Each Burn Card perk lasts the entirety of your Pilot life. For round-based game modes, the effect will upgrade will persist across the multiple rounds. 

Respawn notes that there is a limited number of Burn Cards you can carry, essentially forcing you to discard or use the cards before you can start earning more. "It is key, to manage your collection at all times," the developer says. 

Lastly, Burn Cards can only be obtained by playing Titanfall. Though the system seems primed for a microtransaction business-model, EA and Respawn have opted not to go that route (thank god). You can check out Titanfall's entire collection of current Burn Cards here.

[Respawn Entertainment]

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