Titanfall beta registration now open; here's how you sign up

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Registration for the closed Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC is now open.

As promised, you won't need to pre-order the game to be accepted -- you just need to head to the official site and register for an access code. To register for the Xbox One beta you need only to submit and email address; however, if you want to play on PC, you'll first need an EA Origin account.

Both versions of the beta are open to gamers around the world, but only a limited number of users will actually be selected. Respawn Entertainment warns that the beta "represents a small slice of the game's content" and is not final code.

According to the FAQ, beta sign ups will be open until 4:00pm PST on February 14th. If you are one of the lucky few accepted, you'll be emailed directly by EA  with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11:59pm PST on February 17th.

We still don't know when the actual beta period will begin, but a leak from a French retailer suggested the start date was February 14th; seeing as how that's the cut off for sign ups, it looks like it could be right. Either way, we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Unfortunately, EA has no plans to launch an Xbox 360 beta at this time. Earlier this week, the publisher confirmed the Xbox 360 version's release will be delayed by two weeks until March 25th.

Titanfall on Xbox One and PC is still due out on March 11 in North America.

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