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Titanfall 2 can render at almost 6K on Xbox One X

Respawn's shooter is getting a big time upgrade.

Xbox One X is big news right now, and seeing what kind of upgrades games will be getting is sure to be of great interest going forward. Titanfall 2 is currently one of a growing list of games that will be getting performance enhancements from Microsoft's mega console, but a developer from Respawn revealed on NeoGAF that internal testing is showing that the game can render at 3,200p. In other words, it can hit about 6K resolution.

Titanfall 2 can render at almost 6K on Xbox One X

This is quite a feat and something that is sure to be talked about going forward. If one major game has the ability to surpass 4K resolution then surely there must be others. It's an exciting time to be an Xbox fan and a gamer in general as if Microsoft can actually deliver on their promises, gaming itself has the potential to take a big step forward in what is possible.

Source: [NeoGAF via MSPowerUser]

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