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Tired of Fantasy Baseball? Try FlickPicks.


Let's face it, there's only so much free agent scouring, lopsided deals and roster-setting that one person can do over the course of a year. No matter the sport, everyone in the office tends to get a little carried away managing their own dream-team of players whether it be hockey, basketball, baseball, or football. They all have to end at some point throughout the year, but what if you could enjoy that sense of competition once a week every year and build upon your past success?

Enter FlickPicks. The fantasy movie league where you run your own theater. While it's not affiliated with any major media conglomerate like Yahoo or CBS, there's enough people here to generate a fully competitive league. Personally, I've been a member for the past few months or so and it's been a blast. There's chains so that you can team up with other members to challenge other groups, bonus challenges and more. The way the league is set-up is very similar to a rotisserie style league where the more points accumulate, the better your ranking will be, but there's also head-to-head weekly matches bringing everything that you may love about fantasy sports into the entertainment realm.

Setting movies is as simple as setting your roster once a week, via drop-down menus, and although you only have about seven screens that you can set in a given week, you can choose to double or triple feature a film to get bonus points that are based off how well a film performs in the box-office.

Interested in signing up? Then go to Flickpicks to enjoy a healthy dose of competition.

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