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Tiny Invaders from Hogrocket Launches for iOS


Last week we reported that Hogrocket, a developer comprised of ex-Bizarre Creations members, would be releasing its first game. The team made sure to reveal practically no information on the title, as it didn't want gamers to misunderstand the game from screenshots. Today, however, Hogrocket has launched its debut game, and it looks like a quirky good time.

Titled Tiny Invaders, the game tasks players with controlling a group of germs who are on a mission to take over planet Earth. Players must make these germs jump from human to human, taking over them one by one. The end goal sees gamers attempting to take over the President of the United States.

The game has a colorful art style, and it certainly looks like a notable title for gamers on the go. Heck, it looks like a fun little download for people who just want to have some quick fun. It also appears to be one of those addictive titles that keep you coming back, especially in your free time.

Tiny Invaders is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is priced at $3.99. If you're into smaller scale games or just want to check out something that looks like fun, be sure to give Tiny Invaders a download.

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