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Tiny Brains features a PvP mode called 'Tiny Soccer'

Tiny Brains

The cooperative puzzler Tiny Brains, which is launching alongside the PlayStation 4 this November, also features a competitive mode called Tiny Soccer.

The newly announced player-versus-player mode joins the main campaign and challenge modes as previously revealed from developer Spearhead Games. The two-on-two gameplay tasks red and blue teams with pushing a giant ball into their opponents' goal using their physics powers. That's no easy feat for regular lab rats, but these guys are superpowered.

Players have access to every ability in this mode — create, force, vortex, and teleport — so it sounds like the action can get pretty intense.

Tiny Brains is expected to launch simultaneously on the PS4, Xbox Live, and Steam.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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