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Tiny Barbarian DX trailer is full of retro-style awesomeness

Indie dev StarQuail Games has released a preview trailer of its upcoming 2D action game, Tiny Barbarian DX. The game is a follow-up to the original Tiny Barbarian, which you should definitely download and play right now if you haven't already. Or else!

The trailer for Tiny Barbarian DX shows off some fun-looking platforming and combat. There's plenty of climbing, too, and the miniscule Conan-like character is seen dodging enemies like crazy. I'm digging the old school style of Tiny Barbarian DX, and it really reminds me of something that we would have seen on the Sega Genesis, albeit with a slightly simpler style. Just a tad.

Check out the trailer above for a close look at the action in the game. Unfortunately, there's no sound, which is a darn shame, but it's still a really good trailer that shows off the gameplay.

The first Tiny Barbarian was a freeware download, and StarQuail has stated that the upcoming sequel, while not free, will definitely be "inexpensive." Tiny Barbarian DX is currently being planned for the PC, but the dev has expressed interest in releasing the game on multiple platforms. Indie fans, retro enthusiasts, watch out for Tiny Barbarian DX!

[Indie Games]

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