Tiny Barbarian DX brings micro-sized brawling and platforming to Kickstarter

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Developer StarQuail games released a trailer for its upcoming action-platformer Tiny Barbarian DX this past summer. The clip showcased some of the action we can expect to see in the game including bite-sized brawls and miniscule platforming.

Now Tiny Barbarian DX has been announced as one of the latest promising endeavors to land on Kickstarter. The game is being developed for PC, and there are currently four episodes planned for the title. Further episodes will be released depending on additional pledges, and players who purchase Tiny Barbarian DX will get subsequent episodes free of charge.

As per usual, pledges will be rewarded accordingly. Depending on how much you contribute to the game, you can walk away with varying rewards. You can have your name entered into the game's wall of fame, score the digital soundtrack, get a boxed edition, or even snag a shirt.

The goal for Tiny Barbarian DX is $12,000, and there are 29 days left in this campaign as of this writing. If you dug the original, be sure to check out this Kickstarter.

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