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Time Warner Cable app launches on Xbox 360 today with up to 300 channels

Xbox 360 Time Warner Cable

U.S.-based Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download the Time Warner Cable app today, giving Time Warner Cable subscribers access to live cable television channels. 

With Kinect voice and gesture controls, the TWC app features a programming guide where users can sort content by genre, channel names and TV show titles. If you are a bit of a voyeur, you can see what your friends are watching through the app. the TWC TV app has up to 300 TV channels; among those are AMC, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central and Food Network. Of course, it all depends on your subscription with Time Warner Cable. 

What won't be included in the TWC TV app at launch is Time Warner's video-on-demand service. However, Microsoft has said it's working with the company to bring that feature to the app. 

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